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The Godfather of Soul had led the cops in a car chase through two states.

Where and when: Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1961Arrested for: Possession of a concealed weapon.Four years later, he returned to South Florida radio as the host of a talk show called "Sports-a-la-King."When and where: Memphis, 1976Arrested for: Driving while intoxicated.The rock pioneer known as the Killer pulled up to Graceland in a Lincoln Continental, with a .38 caliber derringer on the dashboard.During his Isolar tour, vice squad investigators searched Bowie's hotel room and found about six ounces of pot. Outcome: After a night in jail, Bowie and Pop were released on ,000 bond. Where and when: Memphis,1984Arrested for: Public intoxication.Police described him as "staggering drunk." As the heavy metal icon later recalled, "I used to go into a bar to get absolutely shitfaced.

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