Tehran dating girl

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Despite what views one may have about the regime, the country is relatively safe, and the chances of being mugged, seriously assaulted, shot or blown up are slim to none.

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This data focuses on almost exclusively on the northern half of Tehran.

Where I believe the info may be oudated, I will state so explicitly.

A lot of what I’m writing is generally dating information which is unlikely to change in 7 years, but I figured this sheet can be a good start until either I or another RVF member returns to Tehran.

Anybody who actually takes the time to really read news articles by even the most biased sources will quickly note that these incidents are not terribly common in Iran.

Below, I will try to provide the info that will lead to an enjoyable, hassle-free, and safe trip for someone who has the both the curiosity and adventurousness to give Iran a shot.

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