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I felt supported which gave me the confidence to talk about what had happened to me.I never felt that my issue was not as bad as anyone else’s and that the way I felt was normal.” “I can’t thank you enough , your support has been life changing.But actually, what are we really saying when we shout that out, to ourselves and each other either side of this arbitrary dividing line between one moment in time and another; a dividing line which we have decided to mark as somehow particularly significant?What are we saying, wishing about time, ourselves, and ourselves […] Continue Reading As one of our counsellors wrote in our most recent blog, Christmas and New Year can be a stressful time for many people and for survivors of sexual abuse and assault, this time of year can feel a particular challenge.I felt comfortable opening up about what happened to me.” “Good professional approach, excellent explanation of services available and I found the service very supportive and felt believed.Welcoming, comforting and easy to talk to, very informative and helpful.” “I felt that I was believed and not judged.“My counsellor was extremely gentle in her approach, extremely tuned in and dedicated in reading my barriers and meeting me with an approach that encouraged me to open up.She provided me a space where I began to trust, and little by little, progress began to take place.” “Very good choice of support esp. Listened really well, an excellent therapy that I can use with my anxiety.

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Read our cookie policy to find out what they're used for and how to change your settings.If victims have the courage to come forward you/they will be well supported ‘looked after’.There is a good network of agencies with well trained staff, who are sympathetic and supportive and understanding.The variety of techniques have been an invaluable resource to occasionally breakthrough my some times impenetrable defence mechanisms.I wish the centre good luck as you continue to offer vital support with thanks ” Feb 2017 “Thank you so much during my time with you I have felt more focused and able to control my emotions much easier, I have felt comfortable from the get go and the sessions have helped me recognise the guilt and stress is not mine to hang on to.

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