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Let’s talk about the other major point of interest – the women!I seem to remember Ukraine as being the best of the best in that category but these days it seems to have lost its title, I expect it still applies in Odessa but something seems to have gone wrong in Kiev…Now generally I don’t mind treating girls, especially in cheap countries but I don’t like to set the precedent of being a meal ticket for anyone – especially someone I barely know.

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As I mentioned above, you’re going to a local to help you find the kinds of places you’re going to want to hang out in.

I’ve only visited Kiev twice, once recently and once many years ago.

I was surprised to find the women less beautiful than I remembered and the city itself more beautiful.

This is often what happens when you have a country full of mafia douchebags that have stolen all the money from the country and its citizens – no elasticity of price – you can either afford something or you can’t.

Nowhere else is the old adage “If you have to ask you cant afford it.” truer than in Eastern Europe and other “developing nations”.

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