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So starting in 1878 and over the next ten years about 10,000 Portuguese people arrived in Hawaii with about 3,000 of them serving as sugar plantation workers.The second ship to arrive in Hawaii from the Madeira Islands with plantation labor and their families was the .It is interesting how the ukulele came to be by combining elements of each instrument’s size, tuning and style of play.

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It is believed that not only were those interested in working the sugar plantations brought to Hawaii, but those with specialty skills as well to help diversify the plantation labor and encourage stability among the workers.But it wasn’t until 1878 when the Hawaiian government made a concerted effort to import Portuguese labor from the Madeira and Azores Islands to balance out the increasing number of Chinese laborers found on the sugar plantations that the Portuguese population significantly increased.It was a very conscience decision to bring in labor from these islands.Madeira has a strong folk music tradition and it is said that almost every Madeiran has some familiarity with playing one of the many small stringed instruments native to those islands.Most of these stringed instruments are versions of those found on mainland Portugal.

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