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You are the principal, student president (unofficially), board director, teacher, counselor, and the football and drama coach. Standing in your way to make a great school is the evil Hearst High, which interestingly has so many great students. It has no teacher and principal and even school staff. Even when upgraded, a hangout can hold just 4-5 people and so there's good chance that you are out of space for students from a particular group. Add this to the fact that you can upgrade some hangouts only after reaching a particular level. Big thank you for High School Story players who have linked with me and who have included a version of me in your school. I hope I got your avatars correctly - and so do your loved ones'. Finally, thank you to keen members of High School Story's Forum. GAME MECHANISM _________________ When the game starts, it asks your gender and your type - Jock, Nerd, or Prep You can only pick one of these three basic types and stick with it.

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Conclusion *What's New: New classmates, and oh, shorter writing.* ______________ 1. High School Story has elements of adventure games (where you pick an option - some even timed), city building game (but very simple), and Role-Playing Game where you take quests from other students and do something to your school. There are three currencies - coins, rings, and books. Just like in other free-to-play games, you get coins over time from building and items (and as rewards for completing quests), while rings are designed to be purchased with real money. You gain a tiny amount of rings by level up or by completing some rare quests.

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