Hindi dating sms

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Every human, come across certain moments in life that makes them sad and down. Losing a loved one, missing an opportunity, ending up of a long relationship etc are the events that brings sadness to one’s life.Sad SMS service allows the users to express their sentiments of sadness properly.Dil ki baatein bata deti hain teri aankhen, Dharkano ko jaga deti hain teri aankhen, Dil pe chalta nahi jadoo cheroon ka kabhi, Dil ko tu deewana bana deti hain teri aankhen, Apni Aakhon Ke Samunder Main Utar Jaane De Tera Mujrim Hoon, Mujhe Dub Ke Mar Jaane De Zakham Kitne Teri Chaahat Se Mile Hain Mujhko Sonchta Hoon Kahoon Tujhse, Magar Jaane De Dheere se aa k dil me basna Sanson me sama k, nind udana Hm se hm hi ko chura k Fir ye puchna Dil me tumara kab hua ana?

As long as it’s not an emergency, don’t be in too much of a hurry to reply to her messages.Most guys have made this mistake at least once in their dating career. Meet her, take her calls but just stop messaging her.You text your girl and if she doesn’t reply within fifteen minutes you start fingering your keypad, typing out another message, demanding why she didn’t reply to your first one. As this is a sure shot way of positioning yourself as another needy guy out there. You don’t want her to find her message box cluttered with your soppy messages. Don’t allow your messages to reflect your feelings especially in the first few days of your friendship. By suddenly stopping your SMS’s, she will have a lot of questions popping up in her mind, like “Is he no longer interested in me? Doing this will help you remain in control of the relationship.If your messages are overtly romantic then you will just give away the game to her. And as mentioned earlier, don’t feel compelled to reply to all her messages. To succeed in the dating game, control is very important. The idea is to make her jealous, not lose interest in you.Keep your messages short and flirtatious (not romantic). If your girl turns out to be a compulsive texter, keep a 10:1 ratio of replying to her messages. So I do hope that you have absorbed all the little dirty secrets of snaring your girl with your SMS.

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