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You cannot search these records in the same way that you can other kinds of online records.There is no way to locate any of the information contained within them, including names of individuals, other than by scrolling through the PDFs.You can also search and download the actual service records from our website Navy Board, Navy Pay Office and Admiralty, Accountant General’s Department: Registers of Seamen’s Wills 1786-1909 Indexes to the Wills of Royal Naval Seamen 1786-1882 in ADM 48.The ADM 142 registers continue beyond the last recorded will in ADM 48.If you experience problems saving or downloading, contact our helpdesk team.

You can use digital microfilm records in much the same way that you would normal microfilm records, but instead of needing a microfilm reader, you can simply download them from our website and scroll through them on your computer.

The microfilmed slips contain name and RAF service number only. The great majority of the original index slips were microfilmed, however there is a small number of random gaps, where a slip had been lost prior to filming Board of Trade and Foreign Office: Advisory Committee to the Department of Overseas Trade (Development and Intelligence): Minutes and Papers Minutes and papers of the Department of Overseas Trade (Development and Intelligence)Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Transcripts and Transactions, Series I This series contains the register of shipping kept by the General Registry and Record Office of Seamen which, until 1855, consists of transcripts of the original registries, with manuscript notes of any subsequent changes of ownership, known as ‘transactions’, on the reverse Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Transcripts and Transactions, Indexes to Transcripts This series contains indexes to the transcripts of the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen and its predecessor.

These indexes relate to BT 107 and BT 108Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Registers of Certificates of Service, Masters and Mates, Foreign Trade Registers of Certificates of Service of masters and mates aboard foreign-going British merchant ships kept by the General Registry and Record Office of Seamen and its successor.

Using the links in the table below, find records on digital microfilm as follows: Step 1: Click on the record series title in the table to view the series description in our catalogue (for example, click on ‘Records of service of the Coastguard 1816-1947’ to view this record series, which has the catalogue reference ADM 175) Step 2: Find the number covering the date and subject of interest.

Piece numbers always contain a forward slash (for example, ADM 175/4).

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