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She also appeared on TVB's variety show Beautiful Cooking.

Tang is able to speak Hakka, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Lana and Stephy are not only oblivious to the chaos – to which, I get the impression, they are accustomed – but also to a lot of things: petite Lana has never heard of Pret A Manger but waif-like Stephy knows you get coffee at Starbucks, right?

This turns out to be the Rolls-Royce casually abandoned (contrary to parking regulations) outside the hotel, to the low-key consternation of the doormen.

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Lana hastily interrupts to clarify: ‘I know it sounds a bit extravagant, but when you’ve got, like, 20 suitcases and two dogs and there are five of you including the chef, it works out cheaper per person than a scheduled flight, right?

Let’s just say Europe, as she flits about a lot, not least because her dog, a teacup yorkie called Bullet, lives in Monaco with her parents, who also have a maltese dog called Fifi.

The girls’ younger sister, Lydia, is 15 and still lives at home.

‘I was pretty upset about it all at the time, but since then I’ve learnt that if you want to be taken seriously you’ve got to project the right image, and that’s what I want to do.’ Stephy Scolaro, the sister of Lana, is not afraid of dressing up in designer brands.

The blonde socialite was pictured here wearing a pair of embellished skorts from Michael by Michael Kors.

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