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It began with an introduction to the generic APA Style reference and the author or “who” element.

Upcoming posts will discuss “what” and “where,” as well as adding supplementary information in brackets and mixing and matching elements of example references.

I bought it last minute for a sport diving trip to the Sea of Cortez based on other reviews and its high customer rating. I added a couple of accessory weight pockets to the upper tank strap to add a...

I didnt want to spend the money on a new tech rig since I just sport dive now. View Full Review - I ordered this wetsuit because I am only 411".

Be careful - some stores are selling the older version of this suit which lacks some of the newer suits features, particularly the front neck zipper. The 2X/short version of this suit fits me perfectly.

The sizing chart can be a bit confusing but there are enough options such that you...

However, as we’ve seen in previous posts, the basic reference pattern can sometimes have a few unexpected twists.

Online Documents Online material can be tricky to date properly.

Both have gone on to become legendary pioneers in diving, known for their vision for new technology and their commitment to creating quality gear.I bought them to replace full foot fins just because Ive been doing a lot of diving that requires me to walk out to the dive boat or the dive site over sharp volcanic rock.Didnt want to need boots to get somewhere and then have to take them off and carry them with me on the dive. And Im only returning them bcuz I have 2 other pairs of perfectly fine fins. View Full Review - I purchased my Jet Fins nearly 50 years ago, and am impressed they are still available.A little disappointed that my fins don’t fit in the pocket but I found that pocket to be great for water bottles, snacks, lights and extra...View Full Review - The fins appear to be of good quality construction.

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